Dog Boarding

We invite you to schedule a time to come check out our house!

A.C.U.T.S. is more like a Bed & Breakfast than a typical boarding kennel!

Your dogs will think they are the ones on Vacation!

Our country home is nestled in 2 1/2 wooded acres and features a huge play yard and choice of sleeping in kennels at night(Good and Better), or sleeping in the house (Best). We also offer nature walks, bathing, and a shuttle service to the Salem area.

Each dog receives lots of personal attention and is treated as part of the family!

All Check-in and Check-out times are scheduled by appointment.

For reservations made more than 48 hours in advance (we highly recommend you reserve as early as possible to ensure availability) we require a 20% deposit.

Check out our Boarding Rates

All Boarding includes at least 3 outdoor playtimes/potty breaks, and lots of human attention. Pet owners are required to provide their own food as we do not like to change the dogs' diets and upset their stomachs. Owners are also required to present proof of the following vaccinations when dropping off their dog: Rabies, Bordetella, and DHPP.

"Best Package"

These dogs stay in our home anytime they aren't romping outside. We limit to 4 dogs at a time to ensure plenty of pampering. Upon request daily nature hikes are included. Dogs sleep in the house at night.

"Better Package"

The dogs are either outside playing in the yard or relaxing in the house during the day. They sleep in kennels at night. Everyone gets to play in the yard sereval times every day.

"Good Package"

When they aren't playing in the yard, dogs rest and have their meals in their roomy temperature controlled kennels. They also sleep in kennels at night.

Dog Boarding Checklist:

  • Provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations -- Rabies -- DHPP -- Bordatella
  • Dogs are clean and free of fleas
  • Dogs are healthy
  • Wearing a flat collar (not a harness of choke collar)
  • Bring food
  • Bring medications (if needed)


You MUST provide proof of current vaccinations for Rabies, DHPP, and Bordatella (kennel cough). Only a written note from the vet explaining why the dog should be exempt from the vaccination will be excepted.

Dogs must be in good health when they arrive at our facility. Should your dog become ill, we will try to notify you and your veterinarian immediately. We reserve the right to place your pet in the care of a licensed veterinarian if necessary. Expenses will be billed to the owner.

In order to keep our kennels sanitary, all dogs must be clean and free of fleas and ticks at the time of admittance. If necessary, dogs will be bathed or treated for fleas and the charges will be billed to the pet owner. We will happily wash and groom your dog just prior to your return if you so request.

Prices vary accordingly.